Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week Five: 01/29 - 02/04

On Monday I had my first large format class. I absolutely love my instructor so I hope all will go well in that class. I have my research class again with Mary on Tuesday, we went to the Art Institute to photograph some sort of inspiration for our month-long project. On Wednesday I had art history and English. My art history is about the history of portraits so I am sure I will like that class. I thought I wouldn't like my English class because it's basically about Epic stories like The Odyssey and Beowulf but my professor seems really interesting.

I didn't take any photos this week so I'm pretty much cheating. I did create a lot of art this week though. I printed some of my favorite Marc Jacobs ads by Juergen Teller and colored and drew over them.

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  1. sorry to bother you, but i have a few questions :)

    i recently got accepted into SAIC and i was wondering, what was the reason why you chose to go there? do you like it there?