Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week Three: 01/15 - 01/21

On Sunday I went to the city and spent the day with my mom and brother. We went to the Met, I haven't been there since July and it was great to wonder the great halls again. The rest of my week was pretty boring. I went to the airport to pick up my grandma. She spent a few months in Taiwan and brought back delicious treats. I took pictures of Olivia on Thursday night, I wanted to experiment with these and I really like the photographs. I wish we shot more but it started snowing and I didn't want my dad's camera to get wet.

Nothing really exciting happened this week. I'm going back to Chicago next Tuesday so I wanted to clean my room before I leave. I tried to pack all of my clothes into one carry on luggage and I was successful. Next winter break I'm not going to bring so much clothes. I'm really glad to be going back to school.

I went to Chinatown on Saturday because it's Chinese New Year soon and my mom needed to buy some food and incense. Caitlin came with us, it was her first time going to Chinatown. Oh, and it snowed a lot today. I'll be taking pictures tomorrow.


  1. Oh, I love the Met! I've only been once, so I haven't even seen half of it yet. It's enormous.

  2. I really really like your blog. Your posts sound so unassuming and humane. And the photographs compliment the words nicely.

    Glad to find yu!:)

    sending you happy spells

  3. the last picture is fantastic! love it!