Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week Two: 01/08 - 01/14

Sunday, I was finally able to go to the city. I drove in the morning and met with Brianna, Shannon, and Becky in the afternoon. We went to American Apparel's warehouse sale, for me it was disappointing. The highlight of the trip was the long line for the restroom at Starbucks on Broadway.

I shot Caitlin on Tuesday, we just went to this field that is just behind the neighborhood that we live in. The field wasn't as open as it was last time I went but it was fine. It wasn't that cold but the wind made things so difficult.

I went back to my high school on Wednesday, I shot two rolls of 35mm black and white and one roll of 120 film so I decided that it would be smart to use my school's chemicals and darkroom. I haven't been in a darkroom in awhile, SAIC didn't allow us to use the darkrooms. I finally developed the photographs that I took of Meaghan and Laura for a new series. I absolutely love them and I can't wait to release them.

After I finished developing film I went to Panera with Brianna & Jenn. On the way to Panera I tried to finish up a roll of film. After Panera I met up with Meaghan & Holly and we went to Starbucks, I also took pictures of them.

On Friday, I went to the city to meet with my friend Brittany. I met her about a year and a half ago during the School of Visual Arts open house. We ate at Shake Shack but since it was Friday the thirteenth, we had bad luck. Squirrels kept attacking us and stealing our food, literally. They climbed onto our tables and would grab the fries right in front of us. Afterwards we went to her dorm and we watched Portlandia. I was really skeptical about that show but it was so good. Afterwards I went to take pictures of Brittany, I wish the weather was better.

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